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This site was created and is maintained by me, Mike Cronin. Iím doing all of this on that little spit of land called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Iím 22 years old, allowing my fine computer talents to waste away while I work in a completely unrelated job.

I attended my freshman year (or 'first-year,' as weíre apt to call it on the extrememly P.C. campus) at Earlham College in Richmond Indiana, but then returned home to work (which come to think of it, I didnít do a whole lot of while I was out at school). Since then, the summer of 1995, Iíve framed pictures at our local mall. I stopped that in July this year, and most recently started working for CSI.

Ideally, Iíd include more pictures from my life on this page, but I don't have a digital camera....yet.

Stella! Dan surfing.

Stellaís a friend of mine, living & working in the root of all evil, New York City. Guess where she works. Dan got out of the Navy in April, and will be attending Mass. Communications College in January. He's pictured here in beautiful Costa Rica.

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