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Hardware, hardware, hardware. Canít ever get enough of it. I envision the day when my closet is piled high with empty boxes of expensive, high-performance equipment. Iím working on it, much to my bank accountís woe. Anyway, hereís what Iíve got so far. My baby is:

Vektron International initially built the core of my system. Theyíre excellent. Since then, I've replaced the case (with an Enlight 6680), motherboard, and processor. I have an AMD K6 233MHz mounted on a Tyan S1571S motherboard, with the 430TX chipset. It has 512kB of pipeline-burst cache, coupled with 48 MB of 55 ns EDO DRAM.

My storage is a 1.6 GB drive and a 5.1 GB drive, both by Maxtor, both running under Win95 with the FAT32 file system. My CD-ROM drives are a Toshiba XM-5502 6X Drive, and a Mitsumi 2600TE CD-R.

Video is handled by my Matrox Millennium card, with 4 MB of WRAM, and my Orchid Righteous 3D (4 MB) handles Direct 3D and optimized titles (and man, they look great). I look at everything through my beloved Mag Innovision DX17T 17Ē .25 aperture grille monitor (which I'm thinking about replacing with a Viewsonic 19").

Communications is handled by my Supra 288i Voice, by Diamond Multimedia.

And then all my extras. My Soundblaster 32 pumps the sound out to my Yamaha YST-M10 satellites and the MSW-10 Subwoofer (which I love). Taking up COM3 is my USR Pilot cradle, for the best palmtop computer made today. Another ISA slot is taken up by a CH Products ACM Gamecard 3 for the F-16 Combatstick and CH Throttle. For the ultimate in gaming goodness, I've got an Infotel PCI Combo Network Card (by the way, if you've got friends with computers, a $30 network card is one of the best investments you can make in your PC). Finally, attached to my parallel port is an Iomega Zip Drive.

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