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  • May 17, 1997
  • THE Guide

    Someone once showed this bit of text to me. I just ran across it on another page, and felt it was particularly relevant to my page. Or, at the very least, somewhat funny. Anyway, I know that the person who showed it to me understood its contents well, and I wanted to thank them. You know who you are.

    Also: Check this page out...You Damn Geeks.

    Mine: G%21/CS/S d- H s:-- g+ !p au- a- w+ v C++++ UB- 3- E- N+ K- W+ !V pe++ Y+ t++ 5 j++ R G' tv-- b++ D+ B-- e h! f+ r++ n---- y+ W++ ps+ pgp- X+ DI++

    And, with any luck, you'll soon be able to find my page on any of the 16 major search engines, only 4 or 5 of which I would be able to rattle off.

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