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  • October 31, 1997
  • Whats with the stock market, huh? Wild stuff there. I was listening to a live broadcast from Hong Kong's Hang Seng when it dumped all those points in the first few minutes. Not even 30 seconds into opening, it dropped 440 points. While the BBC correspondent asked his next question, it dropped another 410 points (the guy reporting from the floor sounded like he was in a war zone). By the time the 3 minute segment was done, it had dropped over 1300 points. That hurt, huh? And then the NYSE went down, then up a bit, then down again. Stop the insanity! Or buy now, at least.

  • February 16 , 2005
  • Well, be still our collective beating hearts, eh? I was just stopping in to alert all my faithful readers to this little tidbit: if anyone's looking for a great graphic design class or web design class, I recommend the CGWP Program at Bridgewater State College. It's an 8 month program that teaches everything from layout & illustration to web design and animation. It's a great class, check it out.

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