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October 30: Review added to the Games section, and added some stuff to Spew. Check it out.

September 7: More Spew. Is this getting repetitive?

August 6: Added some more tidbits to the August Spew.

August 5: More Spew!

August 2: Been long enough, eh? Don't get too excited, I've only added some stuff to the Spew & Games pages.

June 26: Well, in case you didnt notice it, I added an extra button to the navigation frame. Now you can access my friend Lon's Law Enforcement site from my page. All you budding police officers get clicking.

May 30: Cyrix/IBM have released their newest processor, the Cyrix 6x86MX (formerly known as the M2). Its quite a little powerhouse, although whether I'll be purchasing a K6 or an M2 remains to be seen. We'll have to see how they both do once they turn up the bus clock speeds. Check out the 6x86MX (M2 was so much easier to say) page at Cyrix and all of Tom's benchmarks at Tom's Hardware Guide for more details. Whoopee!

May 17: More Spew.

May 16: Its been over a month since I've done anything with the place, but I've finally gotten rid of the annoying table definitions that plagued my readers cursed by small monitors. I'm working on adding a bunch of drivel to the hardware section about AMD's K6, Intel's Pentium II, and the IBM/Cyrix M2. Soon. Soon. As always, let me know if you notice anything broken. Suggestions welcome.

March 24: Finally, an update! I've added my first hardware review. Check it out..

March 13: Added a juicy bite about Intel's Merced in Hardware Previews.

March 8: Added more spew to its appropriate section. It's likely that I'll be adding a review of the CH Products Throttle and F-16 Combatstick within the next few days.

March 3: Added stuff to the Hardware Previews, Game Previews, and Spew sections. And I have a counter now, so I can keep track of how many times I check my counter for a sign of any other hits.

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