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  • October 30, 1997
  • Wow, time flies when you're lazy, huh? I've added a review of Total Annihilation. Forget about the promised review of Creatures. The game wasn't fun enough to write a review for it (consider that the review).

    New games that I've been playing lately include Fallout and Uprising. Fallout is way cool; it deserves all the attention it's getting, especially considering what the CRPG landscape has looked like over the last few years...Uprising is pretty entertaining. It mixes a RTS game with a first person perspective. Very different twist. There's a demo availible, check out OGR's Downloads page.

    After the release of a rather underwhelming demo, THQ seems to have released Pax Imperia: Imminent Domain. I've been waiting for this game for 2 years now, but based on the fun I had with the demo, I think I'll be holding on to my gaming dollars until I hear something good about it.

    Hey, if anyone cares, C&C Red Alert's new add-on pack, Aftermath, is available now.

  • August 2, 1997
  • Here's a site that you guys might be interested in checking out: FASA Interactive. This is the computer game extension of the venerable company that put Battletech & Shadowrun on the map. They just put it up on July 29. Check it out, tidbits of info on MechWarrior 3 and Mech Commander, plus screenshots.

    I've recently picked up a copy of Activision's HyperBlade. Electronics Boutique reduced the price to $20 and threw it on the 'nobody bought me' shelf. I must tell you, the 3Dfx version looks and plays great. To anyone who hasn't yet, I must recommend that you mail order one of these boards. You can pick up the RealVision Flash 3D for $149 with a tiny software bundle, an Orchid Righteous 3D (mine) with a moderate bundle for $179, or the Diamond Monster 3D for about $199 with the biggest bundle. To those of you waiting for the newer Voodoo Rush chipset, capable of doing 3D in a window, be warned that most of the patches released for 3D games up till now will not support the Rush chipset.

    I'll be putting up a brief review of the game Creatures by Mindscape up in a few days, after I get back from work.

    Here's the short list of games to look out for in the future: Fallout (late Aug.), Jedi Knight (Sept.), Total Annihilation (Sept.), Pax Imperia (yeah right, Sept.), Dark Reign (Sept.), F22 ADF (Oct.), Unreal (Oct.), Screamin' Demons (Nov.).

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